Kite’s Graduate Development Programme

Kite Packaging’s ‘Graduate Development Programme’ is the personal passion of Chairman, Mr Bruce McInnes. In collaboration with Bruce and key members of Kite’s management team, we’ve supported the design, marketing, recruitment and delivery of their successful Graduate Programme. Now in its fourth year, the programme continues to provide an exceptional opportunity for graduates to gain ‘hands on’ experience in all aspects of this dynamic, fast-growing, employee-owned business.

For us, being part of the Graduates journey is extremely rewarding. It’s us that have the first contact with the applicants, we filter applicant CV’s, we perform initial telephone screening, skills tests and face to face qualifying interviews. We select the best applicants to present to Kite Packaging. From there, we are present on the interviewing panel (with Kite) and contribute to the assessment days. Finally, when the final six graduates are selected we provide a weekly mentoring and support service to the Graduates and continue to support each Graduate throughout the first 12 months of the Programme.

Not all the Graduates succeed, occasionally we’ll lose one or two along the way, however the vast majority stick with it and excel. It’s great to see them grow and develop and in many cases, we’ve seen our Graduates offered permanent management positions, we go on to work with them directly when they themselves are recruiting for their own teams within Kite.

We’re huge believers in nurturing your own talent, obviously, it’s not possible for everyone and this particular model might not work everywhere, but bringing your own Graduates/Juniors in, supporting those young people and developing them really does pay dividends. It’s incredibly important to keep one eye on the future and implement some sort of succession planning. Young people are extremely valuable and a huge asset when managed and developed properly, Kites Graduate programme is a shining example of this and we love being part of it.

Commencing August 2019, the Graduate Programme runs over a two year period, in that time Graduates participate in a modular programme. Unlike most other graduate jobs, this programme is designed to give real hands-on exposure to a wide range of business functions and activities. For each module (every four months) Graduates work at a different branch or department, receiving individual assessments at the end of each module. Kite has eight different locations nationally, (North, East, South and West), the Graduates will spend time in each location.

We are looking for candidates who have their sights set on a management career in a progressive business. Hard-working, talented entrepreneurial aspiring managers, who will participate enthusiastically, with a willingness to try and do anything. Kite is a collaborative business, working on the philosophy of partnership and accountability over hierarchy and politics.

The Programme is incredibly rewarding, but also demanding. Therefore we do have some minimum requirements for applicants, Graduates must;

  • Be a recent graduate, gaining their degree in 2018 or 2019
  • Have a minimum of a 2.1 degree
  • Have a strong academic record
  • Possess strong numerical skills
  • Have a confident cheerful personality, with the ability to easily create a rapport with others
  • Be prepared to relocate around the UK on a rotational, frequent basis
  • Experience working in a business environment is also desirable, but most of all we want to see ambition, initiative and enthusiasm!

A permanent position is not guaranteed at the end of the Programme, however, if you are successful you could be fast-tracked to a permanent Senior Management position.


Do you know someone who might be interested in the Graduate Development Programme? Tell them to get in touch, we’re taking applications now.

Tel: 01926 679 644